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Product-Live will reduce your time to market while improving your data quality, reducing your cost listing and extending your range of products.

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Collect supplier data

Distributors collect from their suppliers the product data necessary to reference and enrich products in their own data structure. Both distributors and suppliers extend their ranges, optimize their time to market, and improve the salability of their products.

Inbox user interface
The automation of the sending of product data to our distributors allows us to distribute and update our catalogs in a few clicks, it is a real time saver!
Victoire Fornas
E-Retail Content Specialist at Groupe Seb
Product-Live guarantees the fluidity and efficiency necessary for our information exchange in a demanding and constantly changing market. Thanks to the centralization of data and media in Product-Live, we benefit from data of high quality that is accessible to all.
Vincent Rausch
Director of IT & Organization
The platform is very easy to use and allows me to carry out my entire enrichment process, from the creation of products to the validation of information transmitted by suppliers, including updates. This has allowed us to save up to 15 days on the referencing and publication process. For the buyers, I see an undeniable saving of time, since they can generate their range on the fly to prepare their supplier or store meetings. Before Product-Live, this work was done manually and the product information, especially pricing information, was never up to date.
Natalie Canonica
PIM Project Manager & Product Data Manager
Using Product-Live makes it easy to share media without losing the thread of discussion. It's also very convenient to be able to find all the media in one place, rather than as attachments to numerous emails.
Jeanne Pouhe
Product Development Manager
[...] Our GEM assortment is now available with enriched data including all the elements of range structure (normative, qualitative, pricing) and creation of instantaneous range upgrades, ideal for defining an efficient store offer. Of course, it can be directly connected with our members' ERP or website.
Jacques Spicker
Director Collectif.1D

All in one platform

An agile and digital business layer that is a slave to existing information systems.

Data Hub

All your product data synced in one place, with unprecedented user experience.

Multi-channel data collection

Collect data from your suppliers/vendors in your own format and with your business validation rules.

Multi-channel delivery

Distribute your data as easily on your website, at your distributors or on marketplaces.

Worklow & Compliance

Model your business processes and define complex validation rules for your data.

Data entry automation

From your existing data, automate the distribution of your data through your various distribution channels.

Automated checks

Automate your data integrity monitoring with our Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Chat retailer/supplier

Keep a history by product of your exchanges with your suppliers/distributors.


Integrated monitoring solution for all your flows, connectable to your existing tools.

Sales support generation

Generate product catalogs in PDF or Web format, line books, POS materials, on demand or automatically.

Monitoring of operational performance

Generate reports to monitor your activity, receive them by email or connect them to your existing tools.

API first

Use our APIs to connect Product-Live to all your systems or to third-party systems.

Data Factory

A workflow builder with an orchestration engine and built-in monitoring and error alerting.
Number of items
50 M+
Number of companies
2 000+

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Eberhardt provides its sales force with 17,755 up-to-date product sheets thanks to Product-Live.

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